Saturday, 20 February 2010

(hi ray!) x

Friday, 19 February 2010

my skin has been a horrible brute to me recently (unappreciative, ungrateful brat!) but ive had some relative success in calming it down with some of the products above!

honey - i often slather this onto my face when i have a particularly bad breakout as honey has been used for literally THOUSANDS of years to heal skin and to soften it (think cleopatra and milk & honey baths and i believe honey was used for war wounds). the only con is that it drips all over your clothes, leaving beautifully sticky golden stains on brand new hoodies!

vitamin E oil - i purchased this on a whim as i suffered from an inability to sleep one night and promptly attcked my face and wanted desperately to try and heal it before my trip to bournemouth (a girl wants to look beautiful for her R)! i applied it at night on picked blemishes and it helped them fade alot quicker! however, one night i trickled a few drop into my hands and patted it all over my face instead of needy areas and i awoke to four tiny whiteheads on my chin. nice. so i wouldnt advise doing that.

dr. hauschka's rejuvenating mask
- ive written about this mask before here and i still adore it. im now on my second tube and love the tingle it gives when i put it on my face.

diorskin nude foundation - i bought this ages ago but have only worn it sparingly because its the wrong god darnest colour! i bought it in 021 which is too pink and a tad too dark, so ive only been wearing at night when i wont be in true light! however, i love the formula; the coverage, the finish, the lasting power; BRILLIANT! im going to scoot on over to a dior counter ASAP and purchase this in a colour that is actually accurate!

MAC's prep+prime
- note that this is the powder, not the primer i mentioned in my previous post that has been breaking me out like a motherfucking biatch. i use this as my setting powder and i adore it. the powder is so finely milled that it never EVER makes my foundation look cakey. it eliminates shine and altho i do have to touch up mayb twice, its worth it because its just so fine you can layer it on!

MAC blusher in "style" - ive written about this previously as well and i hadn't used it ages, but ive found a renewd love for this peachy blusher that is quite subtle and give a gorgeous, healthy glow.

benefit high beam - i received this mini high beam in a benefit kit that R's parents bought for me at xmas (which was amazing, love them for it) and i love the look it gives me. i apply in a "c" shaped from my eyebrow to my cheekbone and in the bow of my lips. i think i may have to purchase a full size once my little baby bottle runs out.

excuse the absence for the past few days; ive been in bournemouth visiting R! reading week just happened to fall on the week ending with valentines day and consequently, i was able to go to my gabba for FOUR WHOLE DAYS, sunday through to wednesday.
and it was so perfect! he treated to me to our favourite outing food (indian cusisine) on sunday night at this adorable resturant called Little India in Bournemouth (highly recommended; the decor was all scarlet and colour appropiate for the 14th). the silly boi was quite clueless as to what to buy me for valentines and has thus given me free reign as to my present - and i have absolutely no idea what to ask for! im toying between some new shoes (tho he's very funny about this and won't buy me any skyscraper heel; er hello? im not even 5'1" i kinda need the boost!). ANYWAY, either shoes or maybe some (more) makeup? i real
ly desperately want to try Paul & Joe's liquid foundation as well as some cream blusher.

however, my skin has been an absolute WRECK the last few days; i bought MAC's prep+prime primer and i think its making me break out :(.
i only just returned from b-town yesterday, but today ive been fresh faced and devoid of makeup, slathering on honey to try and heal my poor tortured skin. ive also being using my Soap &
Glory, The Fab Pore and altho it doesnt help much with current breakouts, it has SO totally made my pores smaller and i now have no blackheads on the upper bridge of my nose! LOVE Soap & Glory- which reminds me; jessica-alice is having an AMAZING giveaway which bascially has everything i want to try!

anyway, ive trundled off onto a tangent; bournemouth was perfect. i miss my R so much when we're apart but im trying to keep positive! it means when we do see eachother we are so sickenly happy and in love, and cant keep our hands off! HAH! i miss his little crinkly smile and our really weird q
uirks and communications! i cant wait to have him back for the summer!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

write a 1000 essay on Peter the Great
- complete a Italian mini-project on how to make gnocchi
- begin reading for my 2500 word essay!

aboslute pips!


Monday, 8 February 2010

it was bitingly cold today; my hands were a mottled blue and my cheeks flushed scarlet from the freeze!
i very rapidly realised that i was exceedingly short of warm jumpers and hopped, skipped and jumped in sweet succession to my union shop and purchased a hoodie. i was torn between navy (one of my favourite colours), purple (but my coat was the exact same shade) and this gorgeous american apparel-esque cranberry colour. i went for the berry shade and i adore it!

i am going to pair it with my jeans (!!!!), boots and plenty of flowers in my hair.

after a disgustingly dry spell in the realms of lipsticks, ive fallen in love with a multitude of lipsticks! particularly Revlon's lipsticks.
working as the makeup girl means that i spend up to eights hours perusing the makeup aisle, swatching, testing, tidying (sounds like an addicts dream, but it soon loses its entice when youre confined to a teeny space for numerous hours).

anyway, i always found myself playing with the Revlon lipsticks, especially the matte collection. No. 006, adpatly named Really Red always caught my eye and looked like a gorgeous, true red. SO I BOUGHT IT.

i really love this. the texture is creamy and not too drying - tho i would recommend putting on some lipbalm after wearing this for the night to ensure that your lips stay kissable - and the colour is perfect with my pale skin and dark hair. i teamed this with a clean face, copious amounts of mascara and a simple
black kitten flick on each eye.
next on my list is the Relvon Matte in Strawberry Suede, which I believe is no. 005!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

ahh shit.
thirst was clearly not quenched with Soap & Glory.
just spent over a weeks wages online. WHY THANK YOU INTERNET.

i don't advocate quenching an unhappy thirst with shopping, but admittedly, it works! after a mind-numbingly mundane day at work, i treated myself to a little bit of some gorgeously packaged Soap & Glory goodies! i bought two products; Glow Job (LOVE the name!!) and The Fab Pore. ill save the Glow Job for another post (it deserves its own attention) and just talk about The Fab Pore.

The Fab Pore's full christian name is The Fab Pore 15-Minute Facial Peel, which i actually think leaves you trekking down the wrong path! its not a peel AT ALL and rather is a creamy, almost face-mask? it's designed to minimize pores and clean those bad bois out, as well as smoothing out the skins surface and soaking up third-wheel oil!
its ingredients include "Fomes officinalis extract: (a mushroom extract to tighten pores). Salicylic Acid. Kaolin ( clay to soak up oil). Vitamins E & C."

like i said before, the consistency is creamy and contains these tiny little green beads that the cutsey packaging instructs to apply a grape-sized amount of product onto a clean face, and rub around onto the face until the green beads go POOF! for a quick-fix, leave on for 5 minutes but for the intense experience, leave on for 15 minutes.

i actually left mine on for the duration of Snog, Marry Avoid? (excellent episode this week, girls) and then rinse it of with warm water. my skin felt incredibly smooth and tight, almost dry? i can't see a discernable difference in my pores, but i had a BEAST on my forehead and after this mask/scrub/peel it reduced considerably in size and redness.

i really like this so far and shall continue to use this around two or three times a week!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

this idea of an "aspirin facemask" had been a frequent flitterer in my web page browsing in the quest for GAWJUS skin, but i had never tried it until a few days ago; its a godsend.
it is absolutely brilliant at "healing" your face and fading red marks and making picked blemishes disappear quickfast from your skin! ive been doing this everysingle day and it has not had any adverse effects on my sensitive skin. the creme de la creme is that a 16 pack of aspirin costs a minute 35p, making this laughably cheap!

firstly, you get your aspirin - make sure its uncoated though and isn't the dissolvable aspir

i normally used about 4 aspirin for my entire face; i break them in half along the groove

then (cupped neatly in my hand) i run a trickles of hot water and mush it around with my fingers until it turns into this grainy consistency; this takes about three seconds

i apply it on my face and leave it for about 10 minutes; it will dry and little crumbly
white bits will fall off! i then rinse it off with warm water and PERFECTO, nicer skin!