Thursday, 20 August 2009

goodness! i apologise for the lengthy hiatus in posts of late - i was otherwise engaged ie. holidaying in turkeyland with R for the past week! i shall say no more because that deserves a post of its own (i will however mention, that it was disgustingly romantic and utterly perfect) and leave two pictures; one with serious forehead exposure and an almost perfect picture that is tarred by R's rather questionable expression, the tart!

i hope you are all appreciative of my lazy (right in the picture) eye!

progressing onto more superficial things, i thought i would share my latest purchase with you, along with my favourite items to couple it with - this wonderfully sugary peachy pink pair of knickers from topshop (the new addition - £3!), the balconette bra on the left is from Knickerbox and the one on the right is a Mimi Holiday bra - one of my absolute favourites and sneaky bargain (£20 instead of £40). ive developed a penchant for all things delicately peachy and pale pink, i want more!

tomorrow, however, is D-day; DOOM DAY. my entire life shall be determined by what is written on a piece of paper.
my mouth feels numb and my palms are sticky - sleep will not be my friend tonight!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

the air is thick today and bothersome to swallow, sticking and getting stuck in throats - just like my words! conversation was difficult and my own thoughts were my preferred company (sorry about that sister)! tho R, bruvva, sister and i went to the cinema which was nacho-licious, yum!

good news tho! there's this youtuber who does these amazing tutorials on pinup hairstyles and i recently discovered that she has a blog (yay!) and on her blog, i found this tutorial from another youtuber that creates this absolutely adorable hairstyle that's totally lady gaga-esque, and i tested it out! here's the tutorial ( and my first and rather shaky attempt!

Monday, 3 August 2009

grey brings little wet bullets that hit my windows till i think they might crack; black brings darkness to hides flaws that shouldnt be seen; green colours my jealousy when it enters my head; red are my cheeks most often, i think, or a dusky pink (particularly when i remember what i have done or what i have yet to do); blue is the colour that snakes round my skin when i am lonely and cold but GOLD is what my heart is made from.

(drawing borrowed from Igor + Andre)

the pose clearly favoured included both opposable thumbs and smiles which DID stretch for miles!
(beni & tarragona - excellent, but missed rachel!)