Monday, 14 June 2010

on a whim - that sort that flutters into your head for the briefest of moments, for lack of belief that it will actually happen - i entered Lily loves Lola's April Giveaway, AND I WON!!

Victoria, from the aforementioned blog, made up a little package that she had tailored specifically to me and after much awaiting and longing, i finally came home from university and saw my little
white box awaiting me! Victoria had wrriten me the sweetest note and filled the box with items that were so accordingly ME!
- Barry M nail paint #273
- Buzz bath products (a heart bath melt and a CUPCAKE BATHBOMB!) :D

- a tiger ring

each and every gift is completely perfect, especially the ring as I had lusted over a similar ring from ASOS a few months back! and the cupacke is literally cute enough to eat; i shall have to pluck up enough courage to use it one day, but it's just too glittery and blue and beautiful to use!

so thank you very much victoria, you made my day!
and also, a reminder that once i reach 100 followers, i shall have a little giveaway myself....!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

after my celebratory shopping trip, i paid a little celebratory visit to bournemouth to visit R. lady luck was on my side and i went when the weather was SCORCHING. cue crabbing (which no, is not dogging on the beach) and three days lazing on the golden sands of bournemouth beach.