Friday, 23 October 2009

Love me then leave me,
Don't leave me in love.
And I really need you to stay,
For a while,
Just for a while.

Brown eyed baby,
I'm half crazy, over you.
And I don't know what it that I should do.
Tell you heart then someone else.
And maybe please tell me.
And if you got it let me know.
And then maybe you and I could be.

Love me then leave me,
Don't leave me in love.
And I really need you to stay,
I see the future,
It could be you.
And if you love me then,
Please stay true.

We're walking in the sand,
And you are holding my hand.
Your eyes are sparkling like the sea.
And I just see you and me.

Love me then leave me,
Don't leave me in love.
And I really need you to stay,
For a while.

- Laura Marling
absence is inexcusable, but often unavoidable!
days have been spent, as have people and also the pounds! after a particularly gruesome brush with illness last sunday nite (temperatures reached peaks of 39.8 degrees!!) i was feeling particularly lacklustre and consequently, felt that a purchase of some sort would provide a little comfort. my nose was left especially red and dry and so i thought a new foundation would give that little lift and i chose NARS Sheer Matte G
low foundation. i was matched to the shade Santa Fe and had it applied in Space NK, (i was done up in this gorgeously rosy Laura Mercier blusher, but that another story fo'sure) and its lovely! its far from perfect, but i suspect thats due to the sorry state of my own skin rather than a fault with the foundation - its not too heavy, provides decent coverage and gives the skin a little brightnening glow! hell, i got chatted up by a very cute RSPCA guy straight after even with a sprinting nose and hacking cough so it MUSTVE made my skin look delicious.

ive ordered lotsa trial-sized version of several Dr. Hauschka skincare products aswell, which i cannot wait to arrive! im only worried that i'll fall in love with the products and not be able to afford the full sized bottles :(

i also spent today SHOPPING, and bought lots of lovely things, none of which i can really afford.
style over sustenance, right?

hat - H&M
bag - asos
jumper dress - H&M
playsuit - topshop
skirt - american apparel

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I GOT A DIGITAL CAMERA TODAY!!! now, don't tremble too much with excitment kids, its only a teen tiny one that has the same weight as a breath tickling your ear - its so light! it's not the most brilliant, or the fanciest but its mine and i love it all the same! consequently, i thought i share some pictures of my uni room (because claire, i know you're dying to see what it looks like!)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

i truly apologise for the lack of posts on my part! i moved to my halls the sunday just gone by and life has been a whirlwind! my flatmates are unexpectedly lovely (tho one just doesnt seem to get the message !!!!) and the past few days have been a haze of alcohol, music, frantic walks to university and exploring and BELIEVING that i live in the centre of one the best cities in the world.
i am going to finally buy myself a digital camera, courtsey of SLC, so i shall be able to take lotsa photos for this blog as i will have copious amounts of time - i have a mere eight hours of lectures a week! plenty of time to think, breathe, talk and see R - he's coming back next Thursday and i think my little heart is going to burst from happiness!