as this blog is named "kisses grant wishes", it's quite safe (and correct) to assume that i'm an avid fan of bothing kissing and wishing - and even more so when the two are intertwined. 
we all have wishes - whether it's something as selfless as wanting to stop all the mouths in the world from going hungry, or as selfish as wanting to find those perfect glitter red dorothy shoes - WE ALL HAVE THEM.

and i want to tell me what your wishes are! just write out your wish on a piece of paper, scan it in or take a photo of it, and send them to me at my blog email address (kissesgrantwishes@hotmail.co.uk). i've included one of mine below so you can get a general idea of the sort of thing i would like. 

hopefully this will take off and i'll be in possession of 100s of wishes, and then my wishing wednesdays (so designed to relieve that woeful mid-week slump!) can include your wishes too.