Thursday, 30 June 2011

Norah Jones - Toes

i've been terribly busy these past coupla weeks, falling out with somone and just generally falling into a whole, tangled mess complicated with tears, flowers and skin burnished to the colour of ripe strawberries!!

i've learnt a very clear lesson tho, and that is that i'm only worth how much i value myself. and also, that a lot of guys really aren't worth my time, effort or even BREATH. my time is MUCH better spent with laughter, a whole lot of ironing, wine with mother, shopping, sunshine, and friends.

and also (almost-late-post) bday paella, crafted by my and my besties' (claire at little love) fair hands. it was bloody delicious.

b-day ring/vegetarian paella

Monday, 6 June 2011

Katy Perry - Firework

hopefully i can stop with the lame-o webcam photos VERY soon, as my best claire (and friend) has kindly given me her old camera, as she's moved onto digital pastures new. i'll get a better picture ASAP and update!

this is an excellent hairstyle when you're being vile like me and can't face the task of washing a mane of hair (for four days, COUGH).

it's simply most my hair scraped back into a messy bun with a front bit sectioned off. you roll a simple victory roll/pin curl hybrid with the sectioned off front bit, securing with bobby pins, and then fasten a red headband around for a kinda rockabilly feel. it's a goddamn GODSEND when you simply cannot be bothered to do anything with your hair and dry shampoo is no longer being absorbed.

i've been doing ALOT of things recently - this is my first sober night in 10 days as i've been celebrating end of exams. i've spent the best part of this time in various pubs and clubs, and i went to a party with a hotub and i ended up going home in my bikini and no shoes. not that i remember how i got home, as i woke up all nakey and in my bed, but y'know, safe & sound.

i hope everyone has finished their exams, or the end is at least in sight! how on EARTH have you been letting your hair down?