Friday, 21 January 2011

For My Lover, Tracy Chapman

so today, as whilst wearing my fail-safe classic red (Revlon's Matte 006 Really Red), i decided to victory roll my fringe, as an ode to my best friend claire over at little love.

she faithfully and admirably wears her victory rolled fringe proudly out of front doors (which i am terrifed to do!)! let's just admire her drink sipping skills!

things are a little peculiar at the moment - new year means very much a new me, in all the dimensions! i don't have resolutions as such, just one really.


(and of course, the usual; lose 7 pounds, up my skincare routine, exercise more, revamp my wardrobe - but the aforementioned is the ultimate goal!)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cactus Tree, Joni Mitchell
(Joni Mitchell's music is so inspirational and beautiful).

ladies, gentlemen, hold onto your heart because it's about to be stolen by my newest family member.

introducing... Lily!

she is my family's first pet (aside from a hamster a few years back) and ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS? she is a seven week old black labrador puppy and is truly the cleverest, most gorgeous and sweetest puppy i've met! she is incredibly smart and although we've only had her for two days, she already knows that she needs to go outside for the toilet and sits by the back door waiting to be let out (though we do have to be quick because about a minute after this, bladder control disappears).

expect many more pictures of her as she grows and grows (hopefully not sideways though - labs are notoriously greedy!)