Friday, 28 May 2010

I AM FINISHED. first year of university is completed and DONE. i couldn't be happier. my exams went terribly and i am certain i shall have to resit them, but i that cloud shall be acknowledged when i am obliged to, in july.

naturally, to celebrate i ventured out shopping (it's been somewhat of an emptying affair, living in such close proximity to oxford street this year. my bank balance does not thank me) and picked up some makeup. these purchases were actually entirely unintentional - i had popped into Boots to try and fin
d a needle and thread and was inexplicably drawn towards the makeup!

i was pleasantly surprised to find a Pixi stand and my eyes GLEAMED when i saw a 3 for 2 sign bearing down on the makeup aisles. i made a beeline for the tint and conceal, as i've used this before and LOVED it (read my review here, though this time, i went for no.1 pale instead of no.2).

i also threw the Flawless and Poreless primer in my basket, as although my GOSH velvet touch was doing just fine, i didn't really like the super-silliconey feel it gave my skin. Pixi claims that this smooths out fine lines and makes pores disappear and admittedly, it does just that! unlike GOSH, this has a creamy texture and is pearly pink in colour. it makes my makeup slide on smoothly and ensures it lasts the whole day. it is an excrutiating £20, but my expensive tastes make it palletable (to me anyway) and i shall definately repurchase.
my free item was a backup of Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation, though in hindsight, i really should've picked something alot more expensive. ah well, c'est la vie!

i also bought some pale pink ballet flats from the souless emporium that is Topshop, as i have no sensible shoes.

in other news, in order to celebrate finishing exams yesterday, i embarked on a pub crawl and drunk so much, large portions of the night are a blur. i'd forgotten my keys, but assumed this would be okay as i would obviously go home with my flatmates. incorrect. both got kicked out the pub and just told me to call them when i got home, so i carried on swallowing large quantities of alcohol. on the way home, i proceeded to to buy a vegetarian burger and chips, promptly dropping both on the road after almost swerving into a lampost. my flatmates failed to answer their phones, which resulted in my attempting to climb over high, metal gate fencing my halls and i fell off. consequently, i now have a massive graze on my knee and wrist. i vaguely remember cornering a german girl to try and help us, but to no avail.

i ended up trapising to my friends halls and stealing his bed, while the poor mite slept on the floor. amidst haze, i alos remember meeting their Russian flatmate, who bears a resembelence to the talentless douche that is Justin Bieber. EXCELLENT NIGHT.

Friday, 21 May 2010

my flatmate is the BEST EVER. after abandoning me to go to GBK and leaving me to starve (we do all our cooking together as i am irrationally frightened of the kitchen), he came back an hour later with SUNSHINE in his hands...he had bought me flowers :)
i love flowers and have actually never received any as a gift before, so i'm overjoyed!! their buttercup yellowness brightened my dreary day and even inspired me to WASH
MY HAIR (does anyone else cast this mudane task to the back of the queue during revision time, relying solely on dry shampoo for public appearances? HECK I DO), hence the last picture.

and he somehow remebered that i love yellow flowers and tulips!

ahh, he's so lovely.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

i just wanted to apologise for the long hiatus in posts! my camera is broken so i can't take any pictures and i have exams which are stressing me out to no end! i'll be back soon, i promise, with SO much to show.
hi new followers! don't give up hope yet, two weeks i SWEAR!