Tuesday, 27 April 2010

what a frightful day! a total LOVE for R and utter delibrate avoidance of exams during my month-long easter break, meant i did not start revising for my italian oral until yesterday. at 11pm. my exam was at 11am today and altho i think i passed, i did ended up describing my aunty and her job, with tears dripping silently down my cheeks.
why? i have NO idea.

however, to reward myself for even getting through the exam without coiling myself into the fetus position, some dolla left my purse in exchange for several items, none of which i particularly needed but just desperately WANTED.


i re-purchased Boss Orange by Hugo Boss, which is a GORGEOUS scent and completely perfect for summer.

i'd bought this sleek inkpot in "domanatrix" (black), in a cheeky attempt to try and find a dupe for MAC's fluidline, and at around £3 with my discount, i thought i had nothing to lose! it was quite nicely pigmented and relatively easy to apply, coming with an adorable teeny tiny brush. i actually used a MAC 266 to apply it however, which is also a new purchase and made the process alot easier.
however, with an hour, i had imprints of the liner on my eyelids (something kindly pointed out by my makeup fearing, gaming flatmate). so, the lasting power is truly pathetic.
looks like i'm going to have to pool my pennies and get the fluidline!

when the Viva Glam Cyndi/Lady Gaga lipsticks were released, i always knew that i'd go for Cyndi's over Gaga's. i hate garish, pink mouths and think that red lips or subtlety is the key (on me; i look like a tiny girl with smeared smarties on her mouth otherwise). Viva Glam Cyndi, is a rose reddy/pink and as i have quite pigmented lips already, it's almost like a very natural but more defined colour. it's a lusture, so the staying power isn't as ridiculous as a matte, but it lasts a considerable amount and leaves a slight pretty rosebud stain to your lips once NATTERED away in to oblivion.

i suspect my purse will be considerably lighter during these stressful, heart-palpatation inducing weeks ahead (EXAMS!!)...
...something that i'm not entirely upset about.

Friday, 23 April 2010

what a peculiar day! it was spent counting invisible things (1,046) and trying very hard to escape nimble man-hands that threatened to invade my belly button! guaranteed to make me sqeal, squirm and tumble off the bed in a bid to save myself and the sleeping souls of my family (aforementioned tickling of belly-button results in hysterical laughter and tears).

daily activity also included a scrimping, relaxing, contorting, retracting of all four limbs, which has left me sore to my very bones! this unusual energy expenditure may also explain my sudden fascination with pickles pickled in vinegar, and circles of cucumber snowed in pepper and salt. YUM.

aside from that burst of life, the rest of the day proved utterly unproductive. thought i did paint my nails with an O.P.I nail varnish that i had bought off ebay a few weeks ago. it's called "Red My F
ortune Cookies" and is THE reddest red that i've ever seen in a teeny glass bottle. it's truly a bright, tomatoey red that just screams on your hands. this is my first O.P.I varnish, and i love the formulation, the brush and the adorable design of the bottle.

the pictures really don't give the brightness of this justice!

i also have to show off my babies; these were kindly bought for me by my mother, who perhaps finally gave into my brazen pleas that i required more shoes that would make me taller than 5'1". the wedges are black suede, and like wearing slippers. they are stupidly comfortable and i want to wear them to the corner shop, my my ten-hour shifts at work, to WAITROSE even. thank you mother, and topshop.

when i came home from work last saturday, having left a R-sized mound under my duvet i the morning and returning to an empty bed :(, i found this little thing tucked sneakily into my laptop (i think my heart mel
ted abit).

Monday, 19 April 2010

so, although i've been perfectly satisfied with my previous foundation combination (see a few post previously), my thirst is never quenched, and i ended up spending my pennies on Bourjois's 10 Sleep Effect Foundation. and i'm so glad i did! it's a purse-warming £8.99 and the shade 71 is an excellent match for my yellow-toned, pale skin.

the consistency is quite runny and it offers light-medium coverage. now, i have a multitude of sins to conceal, and i find that an application with my E..L.F studio powder brush is enough to give me nice, even, natural coverage. it does not make my skin look flawless with just one application, so when i ventured to the pub earlier this week, i applied two very light layers and my skin looked radiant and still very natural. it's not created for the oily skinned girl (of which i am one), so make sure to set with a powder!

grasping the sunbeams today with both hands, i donned my (new) floral skirt, and skipped swishily with R in pursuit of a frisbee. our pursuit, turned out to be fruitless. it did, however, turn up some ploughman sandwiches with salt & vinegar crisps tucked tastily inbetween.

(excuse the body shot, my face was misbehaving today).
top - AA strapless leotard
skirt - topshop

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

i had the BEST day on monday; my mum, my best friend and me went up to london to HAVE AN ADVENTURE! we ventured round, giving back stupidly faulty boots (i had bought a pair, only trying one on and when i got home, the leg part of one boot was longer and wider than the other, WASSUP WITH THAT?), eating ice-cream and generally adventuring. as well as a completely coveted trip to wagamamas, YUM!

i am a little heartbroken, tho, because said best friend had selfishly decided to return to leeds yesterday and leave me! despite having equally selfishly hitch-hiked to morroco for another two weeks previously.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

thursday night was a glitterly, flesh exposing blur, and not entirely on my part. i ventured out with my workmate to a place where, um, those more inclined to slather themselves orange and wear knickers out in public tend to go. having not indulged in alcohol for a while, i REVELLED in it on thursday. My six inch heels made me almost 5'7", a height which proved too dizzying and thus, Kaz and i were frequent fallers!

however, and excellent night was had; tho Kaz's other half was utterly perplexed as to how we had got into such a state - "what have you DONE to my girlfriend?!". dear, it was entirely a team effort!

and now, cue my first outfit post (i apologise for the shambling, blurry, atrocity of a camera...it's courtesey of mother's phone!)

dress - AA (actually the hi-waisted skirt, worn as a dress)
heart suspender tights - ASOS
shoes - office