Friday, 23 April 2010

what a peculiar day! it was spent counting invisible things (1,046) and trying very hard to escape nimble man-hands that threatened to invade my belly button! guaranteed to make me sqeal, squirm and tumble off the bed in a bid to save myself and the sleeping souls of my family (aforementioned tickling of belly-button results in hysterical laughter and tears).

daily activity also included a scrimping, relaxing, contorting, retracting of all four limbs, which has left me sore to my very bones! this unusual energy expenditure may also explain my sudden fascination with pickles pickled in vinegar, and circles of cucumber snowed in pepper and salt. YUM.

aside from that burst of life, the rest of the day proved utterly unproductive. thought i did paint my nails with an O.P.I nail varnish that i had bought off ebay a few weeks ago. it's called "Red My F
ortune Cookies" and is THE reddest red that i've ever seen in a teeny glass bottle. it's truly a bright, tomatoey red that just screams on your hands. this is my first O.P.I varnish, and i love the formulation, the brush and the adorable design of the bottle.

the pictures really don't give the brightness of this justice!

i also have to show off my babies; these were kindly bought for me by my mother, who perhaps finally gave into my brazen pleas that i required more shoes that would make me taller than 5'1". the wedges are black suede, and like wearing slippers. they are stupidly comfortable and i want to wear them to the corner shop, my my ten-hour shifts at work, to WAITROSE even. thank you mother, and topshop.

when i came home from work last saturday, having left a R-sized mound under my duvet i the morning and returning to an empty bed :(, i found this little thing tucked sneakily into my laptop (i think my heart mel
ted abit).


Sophie said...

Oh my, those shoes are bloody perfect. Where are they from?

Binia said...

they are from topshop! £65 i believe :)

Sophie ♥ said...

Ah, I love them! I love the suede boot wedges with a peep toe from topshop too.

Lisa Drives A Van said...

amazing wedges!!!!! *drools*