Tuesday, 29 December 2009

ahhh. my predictions were scarily correct - i recieved a bountiful amount of makeup which included two of my new, favourite most WONDERFUL items! from R i got a MAC eyeshadow in "Tempting" which is just absolutely beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! its a warm brown with gold glitter and is so perfect! from R's sister, i received a NARS blusher in "Deep Throat", which admittedly, i initally wanted purely for the name (GIGGLE). this gives the perfect flushed cheek! its LOVE for both.
other gifts included a Benefit set from R's parents, some moolah, a floral handbag and the cutest bright red minibag/purse from my cousin! oh, and favourite perfume ("Princess" by Vera Wang").

christmas itself was a heart-warming affair, though sadly, the same could not be applied when referring to the food. Polish Christmases, i feel, compensate for the unappetising meal (consisting of fish - which as a vegetarian, cannot eat, beetroot soup and cabbage salads) by celebrating it a wee bit earlier, on the 24th! consequently, presents are ripped open that smite bit earlier! the atmosphere, however, was golden and brimming with smiles.

the rest of the time was spent laughing, drinking, watching my brother and cousin lose dolla at the casino - at which incidentally, i entered a free blackjack competition not knowing the first thing about blackjack and won my first two rounds and came third in the final! i also encountered the sweetest sixteen year old boi who flushed scarlet everytime i entered the room and told my cousin i was the prettiest girl he had met. aww. youth.

however, im back in london with R and my friends (thankfully) and claire has just come back from Japan after abandoning me for two weeks or something RIDICULOUS as that. ive comforted myself by flashing the cash via the internet as i cannot cope with sale shoppers - thrashing handbags, ankle-chipping buggies and frantic, clawing hands; no thanks. some lovely parcels should arrive from urban outfitters shortly!!!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

shoes - topshop
dress - topshop
bra - topshop
bralet - topshop
blusher - NARS (in Deep Throat)
lipstick - MAC (in Russian Red)

this makes me look like some topshop whore - they just have really gorgeous underwear!

these last few days have a merged into one prolonged nightmare - sleep was not welcomed until Friday night, since Tuesday; all that time inbetween was spent furiously hammering away at keyboards and frantically trying to deciepher loops and swoops on paper that had been written in a frenzy a few hours previous! cue collapse!
everythings done and dusted now tho, and im happily at home, REAL home - POLAND.
here, real snow has settled - not the paltry dusting of icing sugar that has occupied l
ondon and its people for the last few days (delays, copious congestion, CANCELLATIONS!!!), and its beautiful - tho i admit, im admiring from the warmer side of the window!

i love seeing all my family - despite this only happening once or twice a year, its like we live here three hundred and sixty five days a year! theres no awkwardness or shyness; we just blend seamlessly in. everyones has shot upwards, leaving me very much in their shadow and securing my position as the midget of the family, aside from Maijka but she is a bubba at two years old! there's still time for her to catch
me up! my uncle, who is incredibly and slightly derranged has bought an 8metre tall christmas tree, and its branches stroke the ceilling - that man can never do things by halves! consequently, decorating the tree is a mammoth task and requires planning, precision and an entire day! the tree also dwarfs the multitude of presents that are scattered around it, prompting the adults to push more under the tree this year (no complaints from us children!).

(the tree last year...minscule compared to this years offering!)

i managed to complete my Xmas shopping in the nick of time; i know that R will love all his presents (tho one is a risk that i am entirely willing to take) and i cant wait for my mama to open hers - she'll never expect what we've got her!
I'M not quite sure what to expect this year - perhaps lots of makeup and my all time favourite perfume, "Princess" by Vera Wang which is MY scent.
but aside from that, mayb a whole lotta moolah?

Thursday, 17 December 2009

04.44 am
red bull and caffine pill shakes!!!

Friday, 11 December 2009

aim high, aim high, aim to tug the stars right out the sky and eat them for breakfast at the breakfast table,
so that i am able to glow and grow (not sideways tho!!) till my skin shimmers and shine and bois in their head sigh "i wish she were mine" and then, then i think i'd turn pretty shades of pink as blushes crept up my face till not a trace of me could be seen cause i was gone, chasing my dreams...