Tuesday, 29 December 2009

ahhh. my predictions were scarily correct - i recieved a bountiful amount of makeup which included two of my new, favourite most WONDERFUL items! from R i got a MAC eyeshadow in "Tempting" which is just absolutely beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! its a warm brown with gold glitter and is so perfect! from R's sister, i received a NARS blusher in "Deep Throat", which admittedly, i initally wanted purely for the name (GIGGLE). this gives the perfect flushed cheek! its LOVE for both.
other gifts included a Benefit set from R's parents, some moolah, a floral handbag and the cutest bright red minibag/purse from my cousin! oh, and favourite perfume ("Princess" by Vera Wang").

christmas itself was a heart-warming affair, though sadly, the same could not be applied when referring to the food. Polish Christmases, i feel, compensate for the unappetising meal (consisting of fish - which as a vegetarian, cannot eat, beetroot soup and cabbage salads) by celebrating it a wee bit earlier, on the 24th! consequently, presents are ripped open that smite bit earlier! the atmosphere, however, was golden and brimming with smiles.

the rest of the time was spent laughing, drinking, watching my brother and cousin lose dolla at the casino - at which incidentally, i entered a free blackjack competition not knowing the first thing about blackjack and won my first two rounds and came third in the final! i also encountered the sweetest sixteen year old boi who flushed scarlet everytime i entered the room and told my cousin i was the prettiest girl he had met. aww. youth.

however, im back in london with R and my friends (thankfully) and claire has just come back from Japan after abandoning me for two weeks or something RIDICULOUS as that. ive comforted myself by flashing the cash via the internet as i cannot cope with sale shoppers - thrashing handbags, ankle-chipping buggies and frantic, clawing hands; no thanks. some lovely parcels should arrive from urban outfitters shortly!!!


Imo said...

Tempting eyeshadow sounds lush! im going to have to check it out...glad you had a great Chritmas :)

rachel said...


Name: Binia said...


Barry said...

I’ve decided today to visit a few people I’ve never met before. Just stopping by to say Happy New Year!!

frances said...

Princess is my perfume toooo. Though I HATED 'rock princess' or whatever the shit black one was called x