Wednesday, 14 April 2010

i had the BEST day on monday; my mum, my best friend and me went up to london to HAVE AN ADVENTURE! we ventured round, giving back stupidly faulty boots (i had bought a pair, only trying one on and when i got home, the leg part of one boot was longer and wider than the other, WASSUP WITH THAT?), eating ice-cream and generally adventuring. as well as a completely coveted trip to wagamamas, YUM!

i am a little heartbroken, tho, because said best friend had selfishly decided to return to leeds yesterday and leave me! despite having equally selfishly hitch-hiked to morroco for another two weeks previously.


annabelle said...

looks like you had an amazing adventure!
p.s. do you plait your hair at night to make it curl so?x

Betty said...

Looks like you had a great time. I love London.
The food looks delicious too.

I love your hait by the way.

Binia said...

@annabelle, we did! it was so much fun! And I do sometimes plait it, but the result is alot more frizzy and not the one in the picture. When I want nice curls, I use my curly tong (a Nicky Clarke one I think) and curl my hair in wide sections, then brush through with a vent brush!

@Betty, the food was yummy! I highly recommend Wagamamas if you haven't been!