Sunday, 4 April 2010

thursday night was a glitterly, flesh exposing blur, and not entirely on my part. i ventured out with my workmate to a place where, um, those more inclined to slather themselves orange and wear knickers out in public tend to go. having not indulged in alcohol for a while, i REVELLED in it on thursday. My six inch heels made me almost 5'7", a height which proved too dizzying and thus, Kaz and i were frequent fallers!

however, and excellent night was had; tho Kaz's other half was utterly perplexed as to how we had got into such a state - "what have you DONE to my girlfriend?!". dear, it was entirely a team effort!

and now, cue my first outfit post (i apologise for the shambling, blurry, atrocity of a's courtesey of mother's phone!)

dress - AA (actually the hi-waisted skirt, worn as a dress)
heart suspender tights - ASOS
shoes - office


$ym said...


cheapowine said...

you look incred

SoooIrish! said...

is very jealous of your legs! =p

Binia said...

aww shucks guys! :)

Sophie said...

you look lush! you have made me want to get a pair of those tights too.

Silvia Couture said...

cute dress!

Imo said...

Those tights are so fab! I want em! LOL :)

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Charlieee said...

love the outfit :)

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