Friday, 21 May 2010

my flatmate is the BEST EVER. after abandoning me to go to GBK and leaving me to starve (we do all our cooking together as i am irrationally frightened of the kitchen), he came back an hour later with SUNSHINE in his hands...he had bought me flowers :)
i love flowers and have actually never received any as a gift before, so i'm overjoyed!! their buttercup yellowness brightened my dreary day and even inspired me to WASH
MY HAIR (does anyone else cast this mudane task to the back of the queue during revision time, relying solely on dry shampoo for public appearances? HECK I DO), hence the last picture.

and he somehow remebered that i love yellow flowers and tulips!

ahh, he's so lovely.


Anonymous said...

awwww i'm so jealous!!! i can't wait to meet these flatmates xxxx

genova said...

wow yo have such beautiful hair! it's so thick i was wndering if they're extensions? ^_^