Thursday, 30 June 2011

Norah Jones - Toes

i've been terribly busy these past coupla weeks, falling out with somone and just generally falling into a whole, tangled mess complicated with tears, flowers and skin burnished to the colour of ripe strawberries!!

i've learnt a very clear lesson tho, and that is that i'm only worth how much i value myself. and also, that a lot of guys really aren't worth my time, effort or even BREATH. my time is MUCH better spent with laughter, a whole lot of ironing, wine with mother, shopping, sunshine, and friends.

and also (almost-late-post) bday paella, crafted by my and my besties' (claire at little love) fair hands. it was bloody delicious.

b-day ring/vegetarian paella


Sinead said...

Mmmm the paella looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

nom nom nom that paella was indeed delicious!
But so glad your learning that you are worth wayyy more! This summer shall be the best we've had!
ly xxxxxxxxx

Hannah said...

paella looks yummy. Hope you made up with the person you feel out with. great ring too, such a nice colour

Bow Dream Nation xx