Thursday, 1 October 2009

i truly apologise for the lack of posts on my part! i moved to my halls the sunday just gone by and life has been a whirlwind! my flatmates are unexpectedly lovely (tho one just doesnt seem to get the message !!!!) and the past few days have been a haze of alcohol, music, frantic walks to university and exploring and BELIEVING that i live in the centre of one the best cities in the world.
i am going to finally buy myself a digital camera, courtsey of SLC, so i shall be able to take lotsa photos for this blog as i will have copious amounts of time - i have a mere eight hours of lectures a week! plenty of time to think, breathe, talk and see R - he's coming back next Thursday and i think my little heart is going to burst from happiness!

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Anonymous said...

yay! photos photos photos!
miss you lots & update more often! xxxxxxx