Monday, 21 September 2009

these are from saturday mini-leaving bash at the pub on saturday, and feature me pimpin' it out with my hoes (left to right, Law, Oli, R & Will B), me and R and lastly, my workerbee friend Kazzykins! it was all abit of a farce that night, my smiles. in actuality my insides were churning and whirring like cogs in an overworked machine! im so envious of everyone at university right now, as well as missing them immensely - i don't start till the 28th but i still feel a little bit left behind. im trying to occupy myself and have decided to resurrect my old habit of writing letters!


$ym said...

i thought you might like this:

frances said...

bless you! i hope you're ok, i know the feeling, all my friends are trotting off to uni this year. leaving me here to rot, haha xxxxx