Wednesday, 5 August 2009

the air is thick today and bothersome to swallow, sticking and getting stuck in throats - just like my words! conversation was difficult and my own thoughts were my preferred company (sorry about that sister)! tho R, bruvva, sister and i went to the cinema which was nacho-licious, yum!

good news tho! there's this youtuber who does these amazing tutorials on pinup hairstyles and i recently discovered that she has a blog (yay!) and on her blog, i found this tutorial from another youtuber that creates this absolutely adorable hairstyle that's totally lady gaga-esque, and i tested it out! here's the tutorial ( and my first and rather shaky attempt!


Anonymous said...

omg yu did it! it looks good, maybe a little fly-away at parts, but a nice first effort!
haha i was wondering what was up, but i understand :D

Sara said...

First time here, gorgeous blog!!
And omg!! I wish I had long hair now. More than ever! x