Sunday, 7 February 2010

i don't advocate quenching an unhappy thirst with shopping, but admittedly, it works! after a mind-numbingly mundane day at work, i treated myself to a little bit of some gorgeously packaged Soap & Glory goodies! i bought two products; Glow Job (LOVE the name!!) and The Fab Pore. ill save the Glow Job for another post (it deserves its own attention) and just talk about The Fab Pore.

The Fab Pore's full christian name is The Fab Pore 15-Minute Facial Peel, which i actually think leaves you trekking down the wrong path! its not a peel AT ALL and rather is a creamy, almost face-mask? it's designed to minimize pores and clean those bad bois out, as well as smoothing out the skins surface and soaking up third-wheel oil!
its ingredients include "Fomes officinalis extract: (a mushroom extract to tighten pores). Salicylic Acid. Kaolin ( clay to soak up oil). Vitamins E & C."

like i said before, the consistency is creamy and contains these tiny little green beads that the cutsey packaging instructs to apply a grape-sized amount of product onto a clean face, and rub around onto the face until the green beads go POOF! for a quick-fix, leave on for 5 minutes but for the intense experience, leave on for 15 minutes.

i actually left mine on for the duration of Snog, Marry Avoid? (excellent episode this week, girls) and then rinse it of with warm water. my skin felt incredibly smooth and tight, almost dry? i can't see a discernable difference in my pores, but i had a BEAST on my forehead and after this mask/scrub/peel it reduced considerably in size and redness.

i really like this so far and shall continue to use this around two or three times a week!

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frances said...

snog, marry, avoid! ohmalove! best show ever. Soap & Glory prods are so cute also. x

('i do love your scruff' just made my day!)