Wednesday, 3 February 2010

this idea of an "aspirin facemask" had been a frequent flitterer in my web page browsing in the quest for GAWJUS skin, but i had never tried it until a few days ago; its a godsend.
it is absolutely brilliant at "healing" your face and fading red marks and making picked blemishes disappear quickfast from your skin! ive been doing this everysingle day and it has not had any adverse effects on my sensitive skin. the creme de la creme is that a 16 pack of aspirin costs a minute 35p, making this laughably cheap!

firstly, you get your aspirin - make sure its uncoated though and isn't the dissolvable aspir

i normally used about 4 aspirin for my entire face; i break them in half along the groove

then (cupped neatly in my hand) i run a trickles of hot water and mush it around with my fingers until it turns into this grainy consistency; this takes about three seconds

i apply it on my face and leave it for about 10 minutes; it will dry and little crumbly
white bits will fall off! i then rinse it off with warm water and PERFECTO, nicer skin!


Pink Flower said...

Wow - that's interesting to know rather then merely using your asprin for headaches.

I might just have to give this a whirl

Anonymous said...

I'm going to give this a try:-) I have really sensitive skin too, and getting rid of red marks is one of my top priority at the moment!
Glad I stumbled upon your blog!