Monday, 8 February 2010

after a disgustingly dry spell in the realms of lipsticks, ive fallen in love with a multitude of lipsticks! particularly Revlon's lipsticks.
working as the makeup girl means that i spend up to eights hours perusing the makeup aisle, swatching, testing, tidying (sounds like an addicts dream, but it soon loses its entice when youre confined to a teeny space for numerous hours).

anyway, i always found myself playing with the Revlon lipsticks, especially the matte collection. No. 006, adpatly named Really Red always caught my eye and looked like a gorgeous, true red. SO I BOUGHT IT.

i really love this. the texture is creamy and not too drying - tho i would recommend putting on some lipbalm after wearing this for the night to ensure that your lips stay kissable - and the colour is perfect with my pale skin and dark hair. i teamed this with a clean face, copious amounts of mascara and a simple
black kitten flick on each eye.
next on my list is the Relvon Matte in Strawberry Suede, which I believe is no. 005!


Anonymous said...

nice! i will have to check to see if revlon test, but if they're not overly drying i might just have to try them! oh & the body shop lipsticks are apparently really moisturising.
oh & you look gorgeous btw! xx

Anna said...

Lovely color. Amazing on you!

liyana said...

love the color :)