Friday, 19 February 2010

excuse the absence for the past few days; ive been in bournemouth visiting R! reading week just happened to fall on the week ending with valentines day and consequently, i was able to go to my gabba for FOUR WHOLE DAYS, sunday through to wednesday.
and it was so perfect! he treated to me to our favourite outing food (indian cusisine) on sunday night at this adorable resturant called Little India in Bournemouth (highly recommended; the decor was all scarlet and colour appropiate for the 14th). the silly boi was quite clueless as to what to buy me for valentines and has thus given me free reign as to my present - and i have absolutely no idea what to ask for! im toying between some new shoes (tho he's very funny about this and won't buy me any skyscraper heel; er hello? im not even 5'1" i kinda need the boost!). ANYWAY, either shoes or maybe some (more) makeup? i real
ly desperately want to try Paul & Joe's liquid foundation as well as some cream blusher.

however, my skin has been an absolute WRECK the last few days; i bought MAC's prep+prime primer and i think its making me break out :(.
i only just returned from b-town yesterday, but today ive been fresh faced and devoid of makeup, slathering on honey to try and heal my poor tortured skin. ive also being using my Soap &
Glory, The Fab Pore and altho it doesnt help much with current breakouts, it has SO totally made my pores smaller and i now have no blackheads on the upper bridge of my nose! LOVE Soap & Glory- which reminds me; jessica-alice is having an AMAZING giveaway which bascially has everything i want to try!

anyway, ive trundled off onto a tangent; bournemouth was perfect. i miss my R so much when we're apart but im trying to keep positive! it means when we do see eachother we are so sickenly happy and in love, and cant keep our hands off! HAH! i miss his little crinkly smile and our really weird q
uirks and communications! i cant wait to have him back for the summer!

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