Friday, 19 February 2010

my skin has been a horrible brute to me recently (unappreciative, ungrateful brat!) but ive had some relative success in calming it down with some of the products above!

honey - i often slather this onto my face when i have a particularly bad breakout as honey has been used for literally THOUSANDS of years to heal skin and to soften it (think cleopatra and milk & honey baths and i believe honey was used for war wounds). the only con is that it drips all over your clothes, leaving beautifully sticky golden stains on brand new hoodies!

vitamin E oil - i purchased this on a whim as i suffered from an inability to sleep one night and promptly attcked my face and wanted desperately to try and heal it before my trip to bournemouth (a girl wants to look beautiful for her R)! i applied it at night on picked blemishes and it helped them fade alot quicker! however, one night i trickled a few drop into my hands and patted it all over my face instead of needy areas and i awoke to four tiny whiteheads on my chin. nice. so i wouldnt advise doing that.

dr. hauschka's rejuvenating mask
- ive written about this mask before here and i still adore it. im now on my second tube and love the tingle it gives when i put it on my face.

diorskin nude foundation - i bought this ages ago but have only worn it sparingly because its the wrong god darnest colour! i bought it in 021 which is too pink and a tad too dark, so ive only been wearing at night when i wont be in true light! however, i love the formula; the coverage, the finish, the lasting power; BRILLIANT! im going to scoot on over to a dior counter ASAP and purchase this in a colour that is actually accurate!

MAC's prep+prime
- note that this is the powder, not the primer i mentioned in my previous post that has been breaking me out like a motherfucking biatch. i use this as my setting powder and i adore it. the powder is so finely milled that it never EVER makes my foundation look cakey. it eliminates shine and altho i do have to touch up mayb twice, its worth it because its just so fine you can layer it on!

MAC blusher in "style" - ive written about this previously as well and i hadn't used it ages, but ive found a renewd love for this peachy blusher that is quite subtle and give a gorgeous, healthy glow.

benefit high beam - i received this mini high beam in a benefit kit that R's parents bought for me at xmas (which was amazing, love them for it) and i love the look it gives me. i apply in a "c" shaped from my eyebrow to my cheekbone and in the bow of my lips. i think i may have to purchase a full size once my little baby bottle runs out.


AVY said...

Dr. hauschka's rejuvenating mask sounds like something out of a James Bond movie.

StuddedLilly said...

absolutely loving these products! now i really want to try MAC's skincare line..
thanks for following my blog by the way :)