Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cat Power cover (original Cat Stevens) by Youtube user Octave121 - How Can I Tell You that I Love You

this is another staple outfit of mine, based entirely on my three most favourite colours in the world - cranberry, forest green and navy! i know these make a peculiar little trio but i gloss over the fact that they might not work together with my sheer adoration for these wonderful shades! 

this AA skirt i've worn to absolute DEATH - i wear it during the day with leotards/vest tops/teeshirts, and at night with pin-up style crop tops/bralets/more risque leotards. the elasticated waist means that it actually fits my small waist and it's extendable properties make it fitting (literally, ohoho!) for a lunchtime nandos <3!  

my cranberry coloured cardigan is a relatively new purchase, and it's lovely and long - i like my cardigans to flirt with the back of my knees, almost! the leotard you've seen before, worn here with my all time favourite skirt (which really actually, ties in first place with the one below. oooh i am so fickle).

(i liked this ^ photo because my hair looks like chestnut-brown fluffy clouds) 

leotard top - AA/skirt - AA/cardigan - New Look/rings - assorted/nail varnish - Topshop's India Rose/necklace - borrowed

what do you think of such simple, colour block outfits? boring or timeless?


Paige said...

Beautiful colours! I really like the look :) xx

Rachelle said...

I love this colour combo! I need a skirt like that in my life :)
Rachelle xxx

Spence. said...

Deffinately timeless, I love your outfit and the colours you've used ;)

Wida said...

Ah! Those rings are too adorable! Want!

Missing Amsie Blog

L'marie said...

your hair is amazing!!!!


Joy said...

Love the outfit. The cardigan is such a lovely colour, especially for the upcoming autumn/winter. I have that AA skirt too, but in grey and I wear it to so much! It's such a great versatile piece :) xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

You have the prettiest smile, girly! You look lovely and the rings are fab! love love LOVE! x

Ria :) said...

love the colour of ur outfit, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)

Poppy said...

The cardigan is a lovely colour! Navy is always a favourite of mine too. I love it a bit too much haha. Your hair is so pretty and long!

Fashion Bruises said...

Those rings are fab! just found your blog & i love it :) xx

Sweetaholic Rachel said...

Thank you for following my blog, I am now following you too :) Your outfit is gorgeous and I love the colours a lot xxx

Mary Lee said...

such a lovely outfit! love the dress

hope you'll visit back