Wednesday, 31 August 2011

it's a bit of a vacuous one this week, but it ties in with my best friend (claire at little love), because as aforementioned on this blog, she has an addiction to all things hello kitty (click here to see a nail tutorial I did for Hello Kitty nails, as an ode to her)! i miss her terribly - it's like one of my limbs has decided to wander off and not to return!

claire's wish from little love

please please PLEASE send me some of your wishes! write them on a piece of paper, create something on paint, write something over an image but SEND ME YOUR WISHES to

ps. if you would like to use any wishing wednesday pictures - you're very welcome to - but just make sure to source the creator (ie. me and and sumbitters!) :)


Eda. said...

I'm getting onto this now darling, great post

Eda ♥

Dolly Daydream said...

I also wish I had perfect skin!
I shall be creating something for you! ah!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Awww hello kitty is still the best ;)

rose petals said...

Such a lovely post :) X

Joy said...

Cute! I love Hello Kitty :) I'm thinking of sending you a wish, but I have so many, I don't know which one to do first! xx

Anonymous said...

aww baby! I'll return eventually, promise!! I miss you too, everyday!
I love you gorgeous girl! xxxxx