Wednesday, 15 September 2010

red appears to be a shade that is predominatly featuring on my person lately, whether in the form of handbag, shoes, lipstick, nails or IN SOME KIND OF FOURSOME ALL AT ONCE.

i'm going to showcase the latter two, however. i recently decided to purchase Barry M's red glitter nailvarnish and i am inexplicably happy that i did. essentially, it's like pasting dorothy's red slippers directly onto your fingernails AND THEN SOME. so i did just that.

it applies like a dream and requires tw
o measly coats to achieve a glitteryness beyond belief. it dries extremley quickly and doesn't chip easily. yay glitter! (for better pictures of the glitter, i shall direct you to my best friend's blogpost, as she has a digital SLR that blows my shitty little digi OUT OF THE WATER).

those more observant of you may have noticed that i am fluttering little half moons at you from my fingers. this is a look reminscent of the flappers in the 1920s and is what Dita Von Tesse favours on her claws. it's incredibly simple to do - just get those stickers from french tips except change the placement to the bottom of the nail and paint!

this lipstick has also featured heavily as of late. though not technically red, MAC's Viva Glam Cyndi is a corally red colour as i've mentioned before and somehow, very irresponsably, my camera has decided to picture is as much more of a coral than the coral-red it is. this is a truly gorgeous shade and LE, so I shall be stocking up ASAP as they are being taken off the shelves a year after their realease, the date of which is rapidly approaching!

ooh, and Katie is having a giveaway, which includes a prize that i desperately want to get my manicured hands one, after sampling my best friend's - the Body Shop lipstain!


Anonymous said...

what a lovely lipstick,i thought glam cyndi was a deep red..i so want this now!

pearlslaceandruffles said...

That lipstick looks like such a nice color in these pictures, want! xo