Sunday, 5 September 2010

i seem to continually have long hiatuses between posts - this habit has become routin
e. though i shall strive not to make it so (i promise!).

thank you for all those lovely comments on my last post (those h
ave accumlated over time, they are never usually so well read) and for pushing up the number past the elusive 100! the little giveaway shall be announced shortly...when funds have not been so friviously depleted, wrongfully emptied and when i can afford to buy those little treats (Friday = PAYDAY)!

today was a day that was spent chasing noses with tissues and tucked
knees under duvets, as i am trying to battle a cold before it's clutches can fully grasp my health. to aide my recovery, a spell of hairstyling and a makeover!

keeping my hair in it's side parting, i victory rolled one side of my head, attempted to do the other but settled for twisting my hair then pushing it up. then, i plaited the rest of my hair and wound in a very large and messy bun, secured with pins and a hairnet (that is sadly camoflagued amongst my hair). there are multitude of tutorials on youtube which demonstrate dozen of gorgeous vintage hairstyles (with this being my favourite).

in regards to makeup, i am wearing Revlon's Matte lipstick in 006 Really Red, Bobbi Brown's Lasting Foundation in 002 Sand, Barry M's nailpaint in Mushroon (such a letdown) and Maxfactor mascara.

the last product, IS A PRODUCT RAVE! i've actually used two maxfactor mascaras - a primary coa
t of false lash effect, followed by a secondary coat of masterpiece max and the results are AMAZING. My eyelashes are seperated, full and incredibly long - my mum demanded to know why i had coupled false eyelashes with my scotty dog pajamas.

have you ever used it? DONTCHA JUST LOVE IT?


Catanya said...

OMG! You looks absolutely gorgeous! Love the hair, love the lips! Amazing look!

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

Your eyes look super pretty sweetheart, the mascara duo seems to have worked wonders! xx

Victoria said...

You are so pretty! xx

Anonymous said...

i love the makeup and hair, i so need to check out some tutorials! but seriously, your eyelashes look MEGA long and lovely here! miss you gorgeous best friend! xxx

Dial V for Vintage said...

Wow, your hair is stunning! :)

Jaymie said...

Your hair looks lovely and that masacara looks banging, love seperated 60s style lashes!

Becca said...

You look lovely here honey.
Really, you hair is beautiful.

Chic Geek (Devs) said...

Your hair and lips look gorgeous in this post!

Robyn Meagher said...

What a gorgeous look. Your victory roll is so pretty :)

genova said...

i really envy you as you have very very average features, nothing special but you make yourself look very good for what you are. my hero :)