Thursday, 23 September 2010

nailspiration has been heavy on my head these past few days and has resulted in the painting of nails tonight (and the purchasing of four very much unecessary varnishes!). pictured below we have my first Model's Own varnish - Champagne, No.7 in Oyster and No.7 Mattifying Top Coat.

to acheive the look below, i simply applied two coats of the oyster varnish, then a coat of the mattifying varnish (which, BTW, i LOVE. i th
ink matte nails ARE DA BOMB. definitely going to be seen on my spritely fingers in the next few weeks). I then finished off with applying the champagne haphazardly around the bed of my nails.

the model's own isn't what i expected - i wanted a gold, big particle nail varnish but somehow ended up with a silvery/gold super finely milled glitter polish. still love it though. and, having never tried a no.7 nail varnish before, i am wholly impressed as application was SUPER DOOPER easy and, having claimed to be "super dry", i can confirm that the oyster dried in absolute RECORD time. so did the mattfying varnish in fact, resulting in super speedy nails. No.7 is on three for two at the moment (my third item was a cheeky teal varnish, which i shall debut shortly, i am sure).

regarding the war paint today, i decided to play up my eyes rather than m
y previously favoured lips as i missed kissing R without smearing red all over his bearded face - and there was a whole lotta kissing lately, because he left yesterday to return to Bournemouth for his second year at university. :(

my hair style is just like the one a few posts down, except with tumbles and looseness, rather than held by an army of hairgrips and bun nets.

- GOSH Velvet Touch primer
- bourjois 10 hour sleep effect, no. 71

- MAC prep+prime powder
- MAC blusher in "style"

- MAC eyeshadow in "tempting"
- Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner
- Maxfactor Masterpiece mascara
- Maxfactor False Lash Effect
- brown eyeshadow from Sleek "Storm" pallete to fill eyebrows


Cherie said...

wow, the nailpolish is cool
and you got a beautiful face madame :)

Anonymous said...

love the nail polishes
i love earthy colours like thatt,
greatt blog, :)

anna rose said...

ohhh i love your nails. how creative! the color combo is perfect.

Ansa said...

The nailpolish is gorgeous. Your makeup too. Lovely post. xx