Wednesday, 15 July 2009

WARNING: picture heavy post.
cause y'know, urges to share much loved photos at 2.30am is completely ordinary.

how amazing and just beautiful are my best friends?
the exotic looking child is Rachel (she just started a blog actually, it's very artistic and completely unsuperficial unlike mine, AHEM - and i love her to pieces. a last minute chance of circumstance means that she is unable to come to Benicassim; its actually the worst news i could have all summer. i was so looking forward to having our first holiday together and mocking those with moustaches and a defecit in waist/hip definiation (barrel syndrom anyone?)!
the other gorgeous creature child, the one in the black & white webcam photos is Claire - she is the one who abandoned me to go interrailing round Europe. she is back, FINALLY, and after forcing her to talk to me past midnight despite me being able to hear her eyelids drooping, i can confirm that she is alive and well and excitedly awaiting the role of my Beni Buddy. she also has a blog, which will soon be saturated with tales and pictures of her ventures round Europe - !


Anonymous said...

do you never sleep?! gah i can't believe im up at 9:30, i just couldn't sleep anymore. i kept waking up thinking everything was moving (which blatantly it wasn't as i don't live on a train- YAY)
love you x

Tali said...

Great collection of photos!! Your friends look like so much fun!

Liparazzi said...

Aww it's lovely to see everyone's friends on their blogs, they look like fun friends to have!Come check out my blog and remember to say hi x

Blair said...

pictures shared at 2:30am are the best LOL ;D