Tuesday, 14 July 2009

destitution is not my friend, but sadly, my companion. my funds have been severely depleted with frivolous purchases bought on sugar highs (blame the chocolate!). i have, however, gleefully got my hands on things i have longed for for MONTHS. thus, all the purchases are fully justifiable.

- Pixi illuminating tint & conceal in "bare glow"
-Nails inc nail varnish in "sugar icing"
- LUSH, mask of magnaminty
- New Look, two-pack bandeau bikini tops
- Maybelline sun glow bronzing drops
- GOSH velvet touch primer
- L'oreal extra volume collagen waterproof mascara
- Sanctuary, warming microbrasion polish

Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal
this is absolutely gorgeous. the tube is adorably teeny and comes with an "inbuilt" concealor that is in the cap of the foundation - a very clever and portably friendly idea! the tint itself is subtly, VERY subtly shimmery, (not too much for my oily skin) thus the "illuminating", which gives a nice glow to my skin. the concealor is almost a concealor stick consistency - really creamy and easily blendable. however, i prefer my MAC select cover-up so will probably be using the Pixi concealor if ive got the tube out with me and am without my select cover-up! my skin is dreadful - well not diabolical, but certainly home to many blemishes and acne scars and the tint has buildable coverage that consistently looks natural - i prefer to have a sheer a layer of tint that i can get away and apply conceal to my offending blemishes. im definiately taking this to Benicassim (two days!!) to wear in the evenings (and maybe the beach if my skin decides to curse me).

Nails Inc, "Sugar Icing"
i bought this from ASOS (along with my Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal and some plain black ASOS loop-tie bikini bottoms) in the beauty sale for around £5 - that half price for Nails Inc varnishes are usually a jaw dropping £10.50 (a figure that i balk at for nail varnishes!). i had recently bought Rimmel's Coralicious which i liked, but it was on the wrong side of coral for me - too orange and i wanted something pinkier. cue "sugar icing"; i adore this! i wish i had a camera to show you how pretty it is - it is a much pinkier coral that i think is more workable and less brash than Rimmel's Coralicous.

Mask of Magnaminty, LUSH
although i love LUSH's fresh facemasks (cupcake ftw!), i always forget to put them back in the fridge and leave them lying round, thus wasting half of them cause they go icky! so, i thought id give Mask of Magnaminty a go as it doesnt need to be kept in the fridge and has a lengthy shelf-life; mine expires in october! this is meant for all skin types and as described by Lush a: "deep-cleansing, minty face and back pack". it does smell yummy (cosmetic warrior made me feel ill) and minty and after using it, my face and shoulders felt scrumptiously clean and refreshed!

Maybelline Sun Glow Bronzing Drops
i spied this on Tali's blog (http://www.theglossgoss.blogspot.com/) and was intrigued, but i managed to resist until my impending holiday drew ever so close - i had to have them! Tali's suggestion of mixing it with foundation was what intially caught my eye and true to her word, it gives an overall bronzed look that leaves my skin looking glowing and healthy - and also a tad darker. this will look brilliant with a tan! i have yet to use it as a bronzer - blending into my cheeks - but suspect i shall when im in Benicassim, coupled with a sunkissed tan (i hope!) the teeniest amount goes a long way and i will definiately repurchase (which won't be for a while, i suspect!).

GOSH Velvet Touch Primer
ever since working in Superdrug (one and a half years now!), i have always siddled over to the GOSH display and pumped this on the back of my hand to get that gorgeous, soft, velvety feeling that GOSH primer provides. ive always wanted to buy this and bit the bullet the other days - it's normally £13, but GOSH being a Superdrug own brand i get a cheeky 30% discount, meaning that i got it for a reasonably lower £9.10! anyway, i applied this after my moisturiser and let it sink in for five or so minutes and then applied my foundation etc. as normal. if im honest, i didnt notice an overwhelming difference; i didnt notice eaiser application, or amazingly increased staying power. im actually really disappointed :(

L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Waterproof Mascara
i'm quite impressed by this. my previous experience with waterproof mascaras - limited to just Rimmel's Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara - was absolutely abismal. the Rimmel one was truly dreadful: it gave absolutely no volume, no length and barely a lick of colour and yet almost impossible to get off even thought it looked like there was nothing there! disheartened and in desperate need of a waterproof mascara (once again, Benicassim in two days!!), i thought i'd give this a go, remembering the hordes that had rushed to buy the orginal when it first appeared. this gives fantastic volume (granted, after two coats) and lengthens nicely aswell. it doesnt smudge when splashed with water and is easily removed with Simple's Cleansing Lotion.

Sanctuary Warming Microbrasion Polish
this was recommended to me by a skin expert during a visit to the Sanctuary spa recently (surprise surprise), but actually, is perfect for my skin. though i liked St. Ives, admittedly, the scrub was actually a little harsh for my sensitive skin (my skin is oily and sensitive...a trying combination) and left my face feeling sore and slightly irritated. i use this every two days, followed either by a clay-based facemask, Mask of Magnaminty or a honey facemask. it's extremley gentle yet effective, removing dry and dead skin to leave a clean and smooth face. it has also helped to reduce my acne scars slightly in just under a week, and i am certain with continued use they'll disappear even more! i also love the "warming" feeling it provides!

oh. so that's where all my money has gone!!

AND CLAIRE IS BACK TODAY YAYAYAAAYYYY! ive missed her so much - how dare my best friend leave me and go backpacking round europe for 12 days. how immensely selfish!

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Tali said...

I also want to try the GOSH primer. Im a bit of a beauty snob (appart from maybelline) and im scared it will break me out. No idea why i think so badly of drugstore primers!

That concealer looks v.portable i have to see if i can check it out! Great list!