Friday, 10 July 2009

so much money has slipped through my fingers these last few days; its simply poured out of my purse! as soon as i get my paws on a camera, i shall take photos of my many purchases but for now you shall just have to settle for a selected few, and merely pinched photos.

(this is actually my one original photo!) this was placed in my basket by my collegue Polly (the make-up girl) after my Rimmel bronzer was down to the last crumbs. i'm not actually that keen on mabyelline make-up but this a good sturdy bronzer. the shade is a little too dark for my untanned skin (i think its the second darkest out of three), but on tanned skin gives a nice goldy/dark peachy glow. its matte rather than shimmery, which makes a nice change from my ususal cheeks and consequently gives quite a natural look. i have to be careful to brush it on very delicately, however, as it easily has the potential to transform me into one of the many "tangoed".

this is a recent discovery: the Tea Tree Water Toner from Lush. fucking amazing (excuse my french, its just inexplicably brilliant). i use this after removing my make-up with Simple cleansing lotion - i spray it on a cotton wool pad and wipe it over my face and neck to remove all traces of make-up (you'd be shocked to see how much is still left). its the perfect toner for oily, teenage skin (from which i have been cursed with) and aswell as tea tree water which soothes blemishes, it contains grapefruit water and juniperberry to refresh the skin. i cannot say enough good things about this - ive seen a marked improvement in my skin since using this (for little under a month).

and lastly, a little gift from my R! during a trip to Bluewater, when walking past the MAC counter i paused by the eyeshadows to lament over creme de violet, which i lost a few months ago due to a careless sweep of an arm. i whined a little, pined a little and sighed, which caused R to emit a grumble that resembled something like, "which one is it again?". i pointed, he picked up and swooped to the counter. HE BOUGHT IT FOR ME. he truly is the sweetest boifriend. anyway, back to the eyeshadow. this is a super-bright, super-pigmented (as with all MAC eyeshadows) lilacy purple with tiny tiny gold flecks in that give is a very subtle, barely noticible shimmer on the eyelid. its one of my favourite eyeshadows and empahsises the green in my eyes.

i apologise for the awful AWFUL photo, but it shows off my eyeshadow nicely (and R looks pretty perfect!).


Tali said...

I use the maybelline bronzer too.. it is a bit ornage but i always use cottom wool and rub it to blend it in. It also works great as an eyeshadow.

Such a cute pic of you and the boy!

Name: Binya said...

ooh, Tali i've never thought of using cotton wool to blend it in - i shall have to try that as i have a tendency to get abit blusher/bronzer happy and forget to blend!
and i love neutrals, so will be trying it out as a eyehshadow today methinks!

and thank you for following! :)

Tali said...

im currently orange by the way due to too much fake tan! Even though i showered it off and i woke up today and was like WOAH!! So lol.. i wont be using bronzer for a while!

Great blog! x