Thursday, 9 July 2009

ooh, i feel so loved! i was tagged by the gorgeous Suka & Spice ( to do this questionnaire: you have to list ten honest and true things about you that others may not know. these are incredibly silly and utterly lack relevance to ANYTHING. but, here it goes...

1. my name "Balbina" means little stutterer which is particularly appropriate as i am small in stature and i used to suffer from a stutter when i was eleven.

2. i have a "thing" about cotton wool balls and styrofoam. just thinking about them make my teeth go funny and my face squirm. the thought of touching them, ESP. the cotton wool balls make me want to tuck in my limbs and curl up.

3. i have a theory that i have a seriously underdeveloped cerrebellum, which means that my feet find things to lope and trip over that aren't even there ie. THIN AIR. i desperately hoped that my boifriend would find my extraordinary clumsiness endearing, and indeed he initially did but two years later its transmuted into somewhat of an irritation.

4. my boifriend and i are both whipped; i play housewife whenever he's round - making him dinner, breakfast in bed and basically catering to his every whim. when i stay round his, the roles reverse!

5. my favourite food in the world is potatoes (and ice-cream, but not necessarily together), it must be the Pole in me...mmm, peasant food.

6. even though ive had a few lessons, i actually have no desire to learn how to drive. thought this is partially out of concern for others as my previously mentioned underdeveloped cerrebellum make me a complete hazard behind the wheel (or so i suspect).

7. previous to my boifriend, hairy chests disgusted me. now i can happily proclaim my preference for them - they are not only gorgeously manly but warm, soft and perfect to snuggle on!

8. i have so many perfect outfits in my head, that i can neither afford nor am thin enough for.

9. everynight, to send myself to sleep i create a daydream in my head (usually concerning boifriend/johnny depp and various romantic excursions).

10. im an awful vegetarian, in the sense that i hate alot of vegetables. i won't eat: tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, celery, chives, avacadoes, mushrooms, tomatoes (had to be mentioned twice, i HATE them).

im going to tag my best friend, Claire, ( but she is busy trailing round Europe, getting up to mischeif in Amsterdam and adventuring in Vienna! i miss her incredibly, i don't know how to fill my time! i feel so lonely - baltek is in Poland and my mama had to fly to Poland because my Babcia had a heart attack (she's better now, thankfully). this means that i'm on my own, which initially seemed exciting but now is daunting. its been a week; ray and i have spent everysingle day together and every night, but tonight is the first night alone and the prospect is uncomfortable! consequently, ive flicked on every switch and the house is ablaze with light; the televsions are on and the curtains are drawn so that the windows are shielded from prying eyes! sleep will be slipping through my fingers, i suspect.


fantastic said...

yay! what funny answers! i couldn't stop laughing at #7..I think I'm still on the other side of the fence on that one :)

Name: Binya said...

hahh no seriously, you NEED a hairy chest in your life. they are lifesavers in winter when the nights are cold...