Sunday, 5 July 2009

after reading several rave reviews and recommendation of st. ives, i decided to try the st.ives blemish-fighting cream wash so see if that would help my poor skin - i had previously been using Herbalism from Lush which is alright, but awkward to use and has slowly been inching its way to the back of my cosmetic cupboard! the daily cream wash has teeny microbeads in it and is absolutely gorgeous - a godsend! it leaves me skin feeling soft and incredibly clean, and my skin in virtually flawless. i LOVE this. consequently, i have bought the blemish-fighting scrub aswell, which is equally as good.

also on a recent venture to my workplace (Superdrug - hah!) i bought a new moisturiser - its by Natural High which is a Superdrug own brand (hello 30% discount), suitable for vegetarians and vegans (a stipulation for a certain follower) as well as not being tested on animals. its the 12hr day cream, which also contains SPF 15 - CRUCIAL to prevent wrinkles! having got it for just under £2, this is absolutely brilliant. it smells like raspberries, which not only leaves your skin smelling delicious, but also wonderfully smooth and hydrated. its also perfect to mix with foundation to create a tinted moisturiser, which i have been doing this past week as the weather was scorching!

EDIT: as much as i love this moisturiser...the yummy smell, its making me break out!! so i'm going to have to hand it over to my mother and revert back to my Simple Light Moisturiser (which was brilliant anyway, i jsut fancied a change and am just susceptible to fruity scents)

today, i also used one of my gifts from R, the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar and !!!! i used this after my bath, and warmed it in my hands till i could feel it getting slippery then directly massaged the bar all over my skin, then rubbing in with my hands. its takes about five minuted to sink in, and leaves this divine strawberry scent lingering on your skin as well as being incredibly moisturing. R couldn't stop sniffing my skin (strawberries and raspberries are his favourite scent) . this is definiately a repurchase - tho i'll have to be quick because its a limited edition!!


Victoria said...

I love St Ives! The scrubs are reeally good. x

Name: Binya said...

i know! i cant beeelive that ive looked over them for so long!

fantastic said...

you've been tagged ;) btw, thank you for following my blog..i'm enjoying reading yours!