Friday, 3 July 2009

MAC. ahhh. just the name is comforting. even though i can often be founded pouring over the eyeshadows and yearning after the blushers, i haven't actually bought any MAC since a school trip to New York in, god, 2007! so, i finally scratched my MAC itch and indulged! since finding out that NARS SuperOrgasm is only avaliable in the US (sob!) i've been searching for a different blusher to quench my peachy-apricot colour thirst, and of COURSE MAC should've been the first place to go! i bought a blusher and also a concealor, mine having run out (it was a Collection 2000 liquid stick thing, actually excellent but lasts me a pathetic two weeks).

the blusher i bought is called "style", and is this yummy peachy (slightly SLIGHTLY pinky that i seem just inexplicably drawn to) colour that leaves a gorgeously subtle gold shimmer on my cheeks. its very pigmented and requires just a very quick sweep across the apples, and lasts all day, even in this heat! i love love love love it.

i also bought the select cover-up concealor, and the shade i was matched to was NC30. now, the NC bit is accurate, but the 30 is not! it is a tad too dark when just applied onto my skin on its own, but once i apply my foundation it blends in seamlessly. it'll be perfect for when i (hopefully) get abit of colour on my face during the stifling weeks to come. anyway, this liquid concealor is brilliant - it covers all my blemishes and acne scars perfectly and i can apply a thinner/thicker layer depending on my tempremental skin. possible HG material!

today, i am jittery with excitement! R, being the ultimate boifriend, bought me tickets to see Blur in Hyde Park WHICH IS TODAY, i can't wait.

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