Friday, 3 July 2009

the big one-eight. adulthood. THATS ME. sunday 21st was absolutely perfect, i spent it with R, who hastily whisked me away to an english seaside, hastings (of 1066). we did everything that one should at the seaside - skimmed stones, ate ice cream along the shore, visited the arcade! a cheeky grin from me enabled us to get a free minature golf game (my first), and I WAS AMAZING! well, almost - he only beat me by abit (ie. fourteen points). R treated me for lunch, and we snacked on mozzarella bread and other italian inclined dishes - yum yum! he makes me so unbelievable happy - other birthday treats included stuff from Lush and "Twilight" with a note scibbled inside :)

i also received the holiest grail of all handbags; a medium Chanel 2.55 classic flap gold-chain black bag!!!! its so increadibly soft and just GORGEOUS. i can't quite articulate its sheer aura. when i slip it on my shoulder, i instinctively stand abit taller and straighter and i simply FEEL like a better person (how my superficiality is seeping through). obviously, this is a handbag that can't be taken just anywhere, but instead must be saved and savoured for special occasions - for now i shall settle for just pulling it out when im feeling melancholy and it leaves a little smile dancing across my lips. sigh.

EDIT: i really need some close-ups of my bag. I NEED A CAMERA!!!

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