Friday, 31 July 2009

Boi Meets Girl.
today was wet and grey and reminded me of the day when raindrops bled down my train window and you just came and sat down in the seat next to mine without even murmuring a "hi". instead your hand brushed my thigh and you turned to stare into my eyes just to get my reaction. my pupils went fat and my eyes turned black and I know you saw the storm brewing behind my glazed green sheen. i watched the comically creased skin by your mouth as your hand moved south and grabbed hold of my mine. i remember how your hands closed round my entire fist and how your fingers snaked themselves round my wrist as you blew hot air into my ears. i didn't utter a single word but I don't think you would have heard anyway because you were too busy losing yourself in me. as you drank up every single inch of my skin your gaze felt like three thousand pins stabbing at my entire body. i felt so vulnerable. finally you spoke, and your voice evoked every kind of shiver down my spine. deep and slow, with underlying tones of sweet syrupy honey combined with rolling thunder. "nice legs," you said, whipping up your hands and framing my head with your long deft fingers. "what time do they open?" i stared at you aghast; until several moments had passed then my face slipped and broke into smiles. you laughed into my throat and put both our hands into the darkness of your tweed coat exactly as if you were trying to take a part of me away with you. "who are you?" i wondered and then you read my thoughts and replied out loud,
"i am a boy who is capable of all sorts," to which i replied,
"what, even magick?" and here was when you made a face just short of tragic and announced miserably,
"no." then with a twinkle in your periwinkle blue eyes you screamed, "I LIE. I MAKE MAGICK MORE OFTEN THAN I BREATHE." and you began to weave clandestine words deep into my hair till they got tangled and the spell was distorted and mangled but it didn't matter 'cause it had been cast and we were moving so fast the world was just a colourless blur around you and me. I saw your questions appear in the air,
"i am a girl who is of a very rare and special kind," i answered,
"yes, I've realised - you can read my mind." you nodded. "but did you read this?" and with that you gave me a kiss. as you covered my lips with yours, time paused and we both savoured the moment we fell in love.the train ground to a halt and we both stood up, you way above my little height of five foot and a half at six foot two and you simply stated "are you having a laugh? you're too tiny for me." so i buried my face into your chest till i couldn't see and you wrapped your hands round my waist and tilted my head up so you could taste me and i could taste you. "fuck this," you said and gathered me into your arms and right then and there i felt the safest i had ever felt as if no harm could come to me. you hopped off out the metal machine with me firmly nestled in your elbows."where in the world haven't you been?" you asked, searching for the answer amongst my green irises splintered with brutish golden flecks. i dithered and dathered, and finally i knew,"i haven't been anywhere at all in the world with you.""i'll show you the world," you cried, and i almost died with the intense pleasure racking up my spine. "i'll show you the world," you repeated, "because i am yours and you are mine."

i wish i could still write like that.

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Anonymous said...

balbee! that was so beautiful. god i remember that story. please write more like that!