Friday, 31 July 2009

i'm not quite sure in which direction this blog is heading - i think it might be trundling towards a full circle, curving back to where it began.
im craving substance!

anyway, having always had an afinity for lists (and an aversion to capital letters, you may have noticed), claire & i constructed lists while in tarragona (another post, friends) for our goals for summer. i know that one can't dictate one's life - or rather one shouldn't - there is just an irresitable attraction in occasionally arranging life into distinct little piles, even if they are then immediantly then muddled.

#1 have an utterly, devastingly romantic experience (with raymond, obvs)
#2 take a risk
#3 get into university
#4 start making/designing clothes again
#5 get perfect skin
#6 start writing again
#7 and subsequently, make a mini-book of poems and drawings

#8 become a waterbaby (drinksa lotsa the stuff)
# 9 laugh everysingle day
#10 love, see and appreciate my friends
#11 become reacquainted with my manual SLR camera..!

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