Thursday, 6 November 2008

if you love someone, tell them! before its too late!

if i tell you that i love you - take it! take it and fold it between your fingers, tuck it somewhere secret and hidden! know that i love you forever, honestly. i'll only stop loving you when i tell you so; when i tell you that "i don't love you anymore." (like Natalie Portman in Closer!). and if i tell you im IN love with you, keep that for all forever of forevers! take THAT love and use it to make your cheeks rounded with smiles and eyes crinkly with laughter! keep it close with you, always, and remember that i will be in love with you and love you till the last stars have been hungrily swallowed by the end of the universe! get drunk on love and watch it creep up from your feet, up your legs to your arms and torso till it tickles that special place behind your ears - feel heady and pink! i dont know! cry standing in the rain, so that no1 can tell and your secrets stay special and you cant tell one type of drop from another! laugh till its so painful that you laugh!

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