Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I like soft nests made from cotton, where I am able to nestle quite forgotten with my limbs all askew but I like it better when there are two – two pairs all tangled and muddled till neither knows either or either knows neither! Just the tips of our toes and fingers touch and you tell me that you love me very much till my heart swells so big and full just like a blown-up balloon. You tell me that you’ll take me to see the moon and stars, when in fact I know that we’ll just ride in your car to a wide open place and we’ll shut our eyes and wish ourselves into space and steal the stars and eat them for our breakfast the next day. We curl up in bed, my glossy head lying on the coarse hairs that coat your broad chest, with our both heads all heady with dreams and eyes sticky with sleep. I feel your breath tickling the top of my head in hot little mushroom puffs and breaths as I listen to your heart beat steady and slow in perfect time with my tapping fingers. Your hands linger languidly in and amongst the familiar curves and dips in my skin and your lips stretch into smiles wider than miles, when I blush a dusky pink as I think your thoughts as if they were mine! I look in every cranny and crook till I find, find the most secret of places hidden carefully on your face, tucked behind papery thin skin. I nestle the tip of my nose in the concave curve of your ear, so close that I am blowing myself right into you! I kiss the secret, soft place behind your ears without fear just knowing, that I am the first!

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