Sunday, 12 October 2008

what a weekend. claire has simaltaneously ruined and bettered my life with the introduction of this is an exclusive website (members only and by invitation only), where ridiculously well-dressed girls and bois post pictures of their outfits. not only are their clothese infuriatingly p-e-r-f-e-c-t, so are their photographs. by scrolling through almost the entire website i have come to the conclusion that:
1) all my clothes are rags
2) the secret of looking good is to never eat again

with these jewels of wisdom, i have thrown out piles and piles of said rags and now have almost nothing to wear. well, nothing that i would consider wearing beyond my front door (the grey jogging bottoms survived the clearing out, but cannot be ever, EVER worn in public, EVER due to their stained and ripped state. however, here, comfort prevails over appearance). i have made a list of things i must purchase. like, some more knee highs and these absolutely amazing lace up victorian black ankle boots, except, like my green brogue-type shoes, i am going to thread through ribbon instead of settling for laces. even tho i do not have the £££££ to do so! how jealous i am of people with limitless pools of resources not only in the monetry respect! i wish i knew all the little nooks and crannies, the secret places where these clothes are bought! i might start making my own, again. i miss that. im making myself a scarf at the moment; bright purple, wide and long enough to wrap round me several times over.

oh and ive hated this weekend. i feel little and lost and like i should and can do nothing bu curl up in on myself and sleep, and let my thoughts seep onto my pillow from my head.

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