Wednesday, 8 October 2008

ive always stuck my words onto paper, not to computer screens - it's all abit peculiar? reading through other blogs, i don't know how how deep to delve and to share my little streams of conscience, being an excruciatingly private person (unless i fall in love with you, then secrets are let loose! one person knows them all..!).
i suppose i shall being with today, rather then yesterday because it's never good to live in the past (though i often do - regrets?). it began well, with a kind of warmth that left me round-cheeked and crinkly with smiles, especially wen coupled with thoughts of boifriend (!). afterschool activities included a debate, or rather, a one to one debate at debate club! all of a sudden, dread collected right at my toes and swept to the crown of my head. my nerves dared to work up the nerve to unnerve me! to make answers stick like black tar in my throat, and so Queen of the debate i was not! next week will be better, i am sure!
thoughts of prague occupy my head right now, and yellow ipods and gold hearts and duvet tents complete with kitchens with marble worktops...but those are all secrets that are not yet ready to make like milk and spill!

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