Friday, 17 October 2008

i love my bf! i arrive at his on monday, expecting nothing but an evening of television, a warm glow from lights and bigger arms curled around a tinier torso. but that (pleasantly) surprisingly was not the case! i was instructed to wait outside, which i did with Harvey and Jaffa (the canines) gathered round my feet, exploring my new shoes with their wet noses! i heard clashes and thumping up stairs, opening and slamming of cupboard doors! finally, after 10minutes of biting cold, i was i was allowed to re-enter the house, where, i was then given a bit of paper. puzzled, i opened it and then a smile as wide as a mile stretched across my was a clue! and then that clue led to another, and then another, and then another - and then a detour ;), hah - until, UNTIL, i found a crimson bag with gold lettering in Harry Potter's bedroom. excitedly, i opened the bag and took out the sweetest box, removed the lid and found the most perfect gift! a gold. heart shaped engraved locket on the thinnest chain - its like a gold thread!

now, everytime i look down, or feel my locket bouncing against my skin as i walk, i think of my bf and then, then i get this cosy, golden, warm feeling spreading to every nook and cranny and corner! i love just getting little texts from him. i love how he rings me every saturday on his break without fail. i love it wen we curl up in bed and promise we won't fall asleep only to be dreaming minutes later. i, um, if i'm truthful, i love him a whole lot!

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