Wednesday, 7 September 2011

a recent spurt of boredom and friends abandoning me to return to their respective unis, mean that i have to fall back on my old-age buddy - retail therapy! splashing my cash and browsing dozen of online stores, mean that i've reawakened my longing for a pair of raybans. sigh, a girl can dream! (N.B. those are fakes below, thank you Turkey!) 

Mel's wish from bluebells!
Joy's wish from Dear Joy!

thank you for sending me your wishes this week, i received quite a few! if you don't see yours here, don't fret, i'll be post them next time! 

please please PLEASE continue sending me some of your wishes, even if you've never said hello on this blog before!! just write them on a piece of paper, create something on paint, write something over an image; SEND ME YOUR WISHES to

ps. if you would like to use any wishing wednesday pictures - you're very welcome to - but just make sure to source the creator (ie. me and and sumbitters!) :)


Temporary:Secretary said...

Joy's wish is an inspiring me. Makes me want to impulsive too - i always think and re-think and over-think EVERYTHING before i do it. I annoy myself! x

Amy said...

That's so funny - I literally bought those EXACT fake raybans whilst holidaying in Cyprus this summer! You've got good taste ;) hahaa,

Joy said...

Thank you for including my wish! :) I've been lusting over tortoiseshell Raybans for ages, although I suspect wayfarers won't suit me! xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you lovely :)! Such a lovely idea for a post xxx

head over heels said...

i love this post, i might have to submit a wish :) and the raynams are fab anyway you wouldn't even now they were fakes! x

Alice said...

Ah these are so pretty :) And I really want a pair of tortoise shell raybans.
I plan to save all my clothes for my kids too haha, because it always annoys me that my mum hasn't kept all her old ones.

Sam said...

This is such a great idea! It's so inspiring and I love seeing the different wishes! :)

Ongoing giveaway!

Bethany Heron said...

love your blog- following! :) xxx

Loretta said...

beautiful photos. x