Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Your Song -
Ellie Goulding (covering Elton John)

new look is not normally my shop of choice, but they have always had absolutely GORGEOUS shoes (aptly emblazoned with "gorgeous"). i wandered in a few days ago and saw the most darling pair of shoes, with these esquisite little bows and i knew they had to be mine. they're super comfortable, despite their ginormous heel. i love the bow and cork detailing and they were only £25, which is completely bargainous.

such perfect summer shoes!


Sinead said...

I love your choice in music! =D Playing the songs off your blog while I bake my own pizza

Happy days

Binia said...

Thank you Sinead! Everyone teases me for it because it's so...girlie. But I love it all!

Joy said...

I love that song!!
Cute shoes, the polka dot bow is adorable :) xx

Hannah said...

those shoes are just too cute and what a total bargain. About a month ago I went into new look (which I never normally do) and ended up buying some black lush wedges for 13.50 which is crazy for heels and they're lovely. definitely have to check out new look more often =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Anonymous said...

grrrr so annoyed that you saw these beauties first!! xxxx