Wednesday, 27 April 2011

First Love - Adele

i've had the most magical week ever, it's been wonderful. full to the very brim with laughter, cuddles and so much dancing that feet were almost falling off! i have too much to share, so here are just some photos of some of my favourite things around my home!

feather mask & jewellery/miniature bear/my chandelier/having super-curly hair/my mother's immense owl collection


Anonymous said...

stunning curls gorgeous! And I so am nicking that blue necklace of you!! xxxxxxxxxxx
p.s. you're totes my idol :p

ellieand said...

ok, your hair looks incredible!! And the teddy bear is so cute- he's practically asking to be hugged..dawh! x

Rachael said...

love the expression on that teddy's face, its so cute