Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ludvico Einaudi, Fairytale

hair piled heavily on my head,
"like a pressing weight,"
languishingly i said,
long and downwardly fated
with breath baited,
until it all tumbles down


Anonymous said...

you are MAGICAL (& fucking gorgeous). i can't wait to be reunited with your beautiful face (in less than a month now!) xxxxxxxx

Victoria said...

You're very pretty! x

Summer said...

This is the prettiest hairstyle!!!

I found your blog looking for great red lipsticks and I really love the revlon really red on you! Any others you recommend?

Come visit me! I just launched my website :)

<3 Summer

Emma said...

Wish i could achieve this hairstyle :( It looks romantic.

Emma x

kirstyb said...

beautiful x

Yesteryear Vintage said...

My dream is to grow my hair as long as yours! Your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS! And so are you!