Sunday, 17 October 2010

with the thought of halloween swirling around in my head, i recently bought this lipstick from the souless emporium that is topshop. the shade is called "beguiled", was exchanged for my six of my precious golden pounds and is irresitibly wanton.

applied on my pigmented lips, the colour is a sumptious, dark berry shade that is ultra-vampish. i have yet to wear this out (frightened little me), but will definitely be wearing it as part of my hallowe
en costume ensemble (vampire, before anyone asks, incredibly unimaginative).
it's not as long lasting as my favourite lipsticks, (Revlon's Matte) as it is a creamy formula, but the lasting power is pretty decent, so long as morsels do not pass those lips and everything is greedily drunk up through a straw.

i've also been working a centre parting these last couple of days, and am unsu
re whether upon glancing on me, images of nerdy thirteen year old girls are conjured up? as anyone with bangs can sympathise, they are a BITCH to grow out.

(one again, i apologise for the failure that are my webcam pictures - i really must permanently steal my brothers camera.)


annabelle said...

no, i love the centra parting. your hair is beaut! x

Alison said...

Oh that really suits you!

silvia Navarro said...

me ha gustado mucho tu entrada!!!
1000besitos bombón!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the middle parting personally!! And loving the new blog layout and heading! X x

Emma said...

I love this colour lipstick on you! Very vampire-ish x

bone machine said...

Oh I'm really in love with that lipstick! It suits you :) xo