Monday, 23 November 2009

i had the best weekend tho - R was home for the weekend and even tho i was forced against my own will to spend one and a half hours of my little life watching the MJ film instead of New Moon - i had to walk past scores of girls with their lovely, devoted boifriends queing for the screen - it was the most amazing thing having my R with me. he's fading away whilst he's been at uni, due to the fact he can fail to make a piece of toast (he once called me to ask how to boil rice) and i spent the weekend stuffing him with stews, casseroles and plenty of MEAT (says i, the vegetarian).

typical of us, the bed proved too welcoming and we were late yesterday morning in our blusterly, panicky fashion and R managed to miss his train because his tickets didn't print out! oooh my gabba was ANGRY! the only solution was to pacify his palate and once he had cons
umed a pound or so of MEAT he was soothed and calmly got on the next train to Bournemouth with no more fuss - from him. i cried and kissed him through my tears whilst he scolded me for making a scene - in an affectionate way, of course.
i miss him already - somehow i think the pink, fluffy hotwater bottle ted
dy i bought doesn't quite compensate for his own special brand of soft, downy chest fur!


Flashes of Style said...

Your hair is so gorgeous!!

Kathy said...

love your hair!