Sunday, 22 November 2009

disaster has struck! a pesky 9am fire alarm on friday morning meant that i had to wildly throw my things into my whale of a leopard bag and trip down the stairs with flames licking at my feet (not really, of course!) and i failed to secure the top of my NARS sheer matte foundation - cue peachy liquid all over the contents of my makeup bag and more than half a £32 foundation GONE. so, despite having at least three other replacements on hand, i thought that this would be a perfect reason (excuse!!!) to buy Laura Mercier's tintied moisturiser, the oil-free version. i have already have the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation which i absolutely LOVE, but i no longer need the full coverage it gives for during the day thank to a MIRACLE product sitting nochantly next to the TM in the picture above, so i wanted something lighter!

the MUA was absolutely lovely (also a UCL student, but former) and matched me up to the "nude" shade and i really like it! this TM gives gorgeous, light but buildable coverage that leaves my skin all glowy and fresh! i haven't worn it for a full day yet, but set with a light dusting of my MAC blotting powder and it seems to hold quite well.

i had also run out of my moisturiser, which was Simple's light hydryating moisturiser and which did absolutely nothing for my skin, so i decided to SPLASH THE CASH and plump for an horribly expensive Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Fluid which is made from grapes - it smells DELICIOUS, mmmm yum!

right. onto the MIRACLE cure! Dr. Hauschka's Rejuvenating Mask is my HG skincare product against everything else i've ever tried, EVER. this was one of the samples i ordered, and the one i was most excited about and as the name implies, its supposed to be a mask. however, i dont use it as a mask as such - instead i slather on a thin layer all over my face before i go to bed, and when i first recieved it, i applied a thin layer in the morning before my make-up aswell for EXTRA effects. this magic little cream/serum/mask thing has shrunk my pores, improved my skin tone and most importantly, dramatically faded my acne scars to the extent that i want to just wear a TM! also, since ive started using this, ive had no major breakouts - infact almost none at all, bar the odd blemish appearing where i'd normally get three or four simaltaneously! the sample lasted a week, and i immediantly scooted out a bought the full sized version which was £28 for 30ml but worth every motherfucking penny!

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Anonymous said...

9am - that's nothing! we had another 3am fire alarm this weekend!
i am totally going to have to try this miracle cure, my skin is just a minefield of spots atm. xx